See The 100% Natural Way That Ends Any Kind of Ulcers / Heartburn / Helicobacteria Pylori (H.Pylori) No Matter How Long You've Lived With It!

You can be Free Too!

“This method is Ideal for Anyone who have been faced with H.Pylori, Ulcer and Hertburn”

Let Me Share A Personal and VERY RECENT Story. This Is Going To Take only about 2-3 Minutes of Your Time.

My name is Felix. I’m a 40 year old Civil Servant. I honestly feel my story would help you today – If you’ll kindly and gently ready through.

I had irregular heatbeat; more like a panic attack in 2020 that was partly caused by H.Pylori.

I was preparing for work early Saturday morning when I felt something suddenly strucked my chest in the bathroom.

I don’t know what a panic attack feels like but I want to describe this feeling as such – but I decided not to pay much attention to it.

My heartbeat was literally going fast without being scared of anything in particular. The sad part was no matter how much I tried, I could not control my pulse.

Felix: Admitted to a Facility in Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1

…and this was when it dawn on me that I am in a big mess that requires a urgent attention

I battled this for the rest of the year.

In February 2021, I googled the best Cardiologist in Nigeria and a renowned hospital in Lekki Phase 1 showed up.

I was happy and sure there was going to be a solution to my problem.

I proceeded and was admitted.

I ran series of test.

Blood Test

Breath Test

Stool Test and Endoscopy

Spent a lot of money.

Test came out and turned out I heard Helicobacteria Pylori.

What the h*ll is that?


I couldn’t breath well.
I couldn’t eat.
It was pain over pain

At first, I was administered the tripple therapy option; A combination of three meds.


I completed this and proceeded to Quadruple therapy comprising of

Proton pump inhibitor
Bismuth salt

It was hell for me. I was advised to eat ONLY HOME-MADE FOOD.

I needed to buy new household items like pot, spoon etc, to use in preparing my meals separately. My liquid intake was selective. Like, if it is not Eva water, then it has to be nothing.

I never imagined getting to point in my life where my love ones would be terribly sad because of me. No one was happy.

I have drank bottles of Antacid, Relcer Gel, Gelusil etc.

I have soaked plantain overnight and drank the water. I have suddenly became a regular in the presence of every major Banana sellers in my neighbourhood.

All these were giving only a temporal relief to me.

So, I finally came across an article that talked about the possible side effect that these oyinbo medications could cause me – so I decided to just stop.

By this time, I had spent close to N600,000.

A fund I had planned to invest in a landed property around Ifo area of Ogun State (close to where I reside).

All gone.

I was battling Ulcer
I was battling fear
I was battling Anxiety
Severe pain radiating from my upper body to the back!

Bad thoughts every now and then like I’m never going to make it to the next day or the day after.


Felix, You have to give this a NATURAL SHOT!

I was on a group on FBook and the Herbal Ulcer Solution Tea was mentioned.

… and that was it.

Today, I have no fear of eating anything – as my Ulcer journey has completely become a thing of the past!

At this point, let me introduce you to the Herbal Ulcer Solution that worked for me, and helped me eat whatever I want without fear of returning back and without a single side effects..

“Ulcer Solution Herbal Tea Package”

The Ulcer Solution Herbal Tea pack is made from 100% herbal extract that has no side effects at all.

It contains herbal plant extract that has been proven to help cure hertburn, inflamation and Ulcer; promote a smooth healthy heart and enhances free breathe.

The ingredients of the Ulcer Herbal Tea are Cloves, Poria cocos, Sea-buchthorn, Black buckwheat, Hawthorn, Chineese Yam and others.

These are rare hard-to-find but effective herbs that can only be gotten in some specific countries and regions.

Who Needs To Use This Herbal Solution?

You are definitely going to need our herbal tea if you have ever, or are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms…

  • Ever had sleepless nights due to pain from the stomach which got you rolling on the floor back and forth?
  • Ever been afraid to eat the foods you really wanted because you were afraid it is going to trigger your symptoms?
  • Felt severe stomach pain that hooked you around your rib cage or above your navel?

Let's Read Feedbacks and Reviews From Our Existing Customers


What could happen if your Stomach Ulcer is left UNTREATED?

Internal bleeding
Intestinal obstruction
Perforation; leading to Peritonitis

What does all these grammar means?

>Internal bleeding. Bleeding can occur as slow blood loss that leads to anemia or as severe blood loss that may require hospitalization or a blood transfusion. Severe blood loss may cause black or bloody vomit or black or bloody stools.

>A hole (perforation) in your stomach wall. Peptic ulcers can eat a hole through (perforate) the wall of your stomach or small intestine, putting you at risk of serious infection of your abdominal cavity (peritonitis).

>Obstruction. Peptic ulcers can block passage of food through the digestive tract, causing you to become full easily, to vomit and to lose weight either through swelling from inflammation or through scarring.

>Gastric cancer. Studies have shown that people infected with H. pylori have an increased risk of gastric cancer.

The soothing, multi-layered blended herbal solution is married with a mixture of more than 5 Active herbal roots; Cloves, Poria cocos, Sea-buchthorn, Black buckwheat, Hawthorn, Chineese Yam and others which researchers has proven to be highly effective in combating issues relating to H.pylori and any kinds of Ulcer!

Here is what to do when you get our Ulcer Solution Herbal Tea... (HOW TO USE)

  • Put 1 tea bag into a tea cup
  • Boil water for up to 3 – 5minutes, then pour into the tea cup
  • You can also add honey or lemon according to your personal taste
  • Repeat process twice a day (preferably; morning and night)

The herbal tea contains 20 teabags per pack which requires you to simply drop 1 teabag in a hot water for 3-5 minutes and drink.

When you start using the Ulcer Solution Herbal Tea, you will begin to experience positive relief in the first few days/week.

As you continue using it, you will experience improved overall healthy stomach lining and steady breath.

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping your body get rid of the stubborn Ulcer permanently without any side effects at all.

But don’t take my word for it – Below are some actual testimonials which we have received from people who used our Ulcer Herbal Tea what they are saying about it…

More Positive Feedbacks from our Happy Customers

I’ve been struggling with H. Pylori which resulted into Ulcer and used drugs for several years until I decided to give the Ulcer Solution Herbal tea a trial because I was worried of the side effects of drugs like Amoci*** and Omepra*** etc. Your Ulcer solution tea package gave me a second chance to a good health.
Gwarinpa, Abuja
I decided to order for the Ulcer herbal tea for my mum. As she continued using it, we were checking and monitoring the progress. Within few weeks, she stopped complaining about stomach ache and sleepless night which was initially caused by Ulcer. Now, she can sleep well without any worries. Have sent your number to my elder brother in another state so he can get some of the Ulcer tea for himself too
Mrs. Victoria
(Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt)
My case was very severe as I had to visit the clinic quite a number of time. To be honest, they have tried their best and I could testify that there was relief to a point. The problem however was that I couldn't help as my Ulcer symptoms kept coming back. Not until I got the Ulcer Solution herbal. Since then till the time of typing this experience on your page, I have didn't smell Ulcer - 5 years and counting.
Alhaji D.
(Garki, Abuja)

So... What Should You Expect When You Use This Herbal Tea

  • Strengthens and activate the epithelia tissues, to guard the body from invading system that causes stomach harm! (GUARANTEED)
  • Relieves Acute Gastritis and Stomach Ache (GUARANTEED)
  • Dispels stomach detentions (GUARANTEED)
  • Helps safeguard and strengthen the stomach mucosa, secrets anti ulcer pigments, to keep the system in order (GUARANTEED)
  • Relieves Gastric Ulcer induced pains (GUARANTEED)
  • Contains no artificial ingredients – Tea is 100% natural pure  and traceable ingredient (GUARANTEED)


So, Here’s a breakdown of the price (depending on the package you’re ordering for)…

OLD PRICE — ₦ 15,000 (1 Pack)
OLD PRICE —  ₦ 30,000 (2 Pack)
OLD PRICE ₦ 45,000 (3 Pack)

But You Can Enjoy Our Discounted Promo Offer Which Includes;

  • Pay 20,000 and get 2 Packs INSTEAD OF 1
  • FREE ebook on Ulcer Management worth $18 (N10,080) 
  • Free Delivery To Any Part of The Country
  • Pay on Delivery

Current Prices

Additionally, we will give you below eBook for FREE (no matter the quantity purchased)

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We will honestly appreciate if you do not place order atall – than place the order and refuse to make yourself available during delivery with different excuses

Our Current Best Prices Again...

2 Packs of Ulcer Herbal Tea — ₦20,000

3 Packs of Ulcer Herbal Tea — ₦28,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare and use (Dosage)?

Answer: Drop a satchet in a boiled water and allow for 3-5 minutes – then drink.
No sugar is to be added. However, you can add honey if available.

A total of two (2) satchets per day (one in the morning and another at night before sleep)
Could be before or after food.

How many satchets is in a pack?

Answer: 20 satchets

How long would a pack lasts?

Answer: A satchet contains 20 packs, with a total of two satchets to be taken per day. A pack would last for 10 Days

How many packs do I need to take for effectiveness?

Answer: You can take from Two packs and above. However, our sincere recommendation begins at 3 packs which lasts for a complete month.



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