Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to changes and modifications at any given time, where such modification would be communicated accordingly.

There are lots of benefits opened to you as a user when you use our site to search for information. You are exposed to interactions with a like-minded individual whose aims are exactly as yours. The only difference, however, might be experience-wise. Those you interact with might just be few steps ahead on what your desired information might look like.

No means, however, would Foxie Collections and its affiliate; Evergreen Herbal with the Admins be held responsible for the information you use on this platform. If we recommend a product, service or suggest a technique, we made such recommendation because it worked for us and few other people. The results you get may vary when you apply what we recommended base on your skill level, technological experience, and other similar variables.

User information such as names, email address, phone number etc may be requested. This personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without prior notification or permission from them.